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Helping Cover The Cost of Treatment

At Brio-Medical, we realize that not everyone readily has the financial means for a long-term treatment plan. We also know that insurance companies generally don’t cover healthcare costs for integrative treatments received from non-participating medical providers.

We want you to know that there is plenty of financial help for patients seeking treatment. You still have the option to choose the medicine that resonates with you.

Below is a list of financial resources that may help to fund your healing journey. If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage or financial assistance, please do not hesitate to call us. We are here and happy to help!

Medical Bill Gurus

Medical Bill Gurus is a 3rd party medical billing company and patient advocacy service specializing in helping patients secure insurance reimbursements for treatments received from non-participating medical providers. *Note you will still need to pay the center upfront for services.  This 3rd party service is only to help secure a partial reimbursement for your out-of-pocket costs for treatments. **Reimbursements from insurance are not guaranteed.

To qualify for insurance reimbursements, patients need a private PPO insurance policy with qualifying out-of-network coverage that is provided through an employer, health sharing, or another group entity-administered insurance plan.

Unfortunately, patients with Medicare, Medicaid, or HMO insurance plans would not qualify for insurance reimbursements.


At Brio-Medical, all patient treatment programs are customized based on patient outcomes vs. insurance reimbursements, such that CPT codes and reimbursement rates do not dictate any aspect of care.

Consequently, Brio-Medical has opted out of Medicare and is non-participating with all insurance companies.

Patients will be required to pay at the beginning of treatment and have the opportunity to file with Medical Bill Gurus for reimbursement at the completion of treatment.


Medical Bill Gurus contracts directly with patients to act as a 3rd party medical billing, collections, & patient advocacy service.

Patients submit all itemized statements & then our medical billing experts handle all medical billing, coding, & collection efforts from submission to follow-up.

All claims are submitted as a member reimbursement, & checks are mailed directly to the policyholder.

Once the patient has received reimbursement, Medical Bill Gurus invoices the patient for the agreed contingency fee of 25% based on the reimbursement amount.


Medical Bill Gurus has 20+ years of experience in submitting & navigating insurance claims for patients receiving treatment at cash-pay medical providers.

The MBG Team is experienced in identifying which therapies & aspects of treatment are billable, & how to walk all claims through the system from submission to reimbursement as an out-of-network claim submission.

Note: If a patient has already submitted claims, Medical Bill Gurus cannot take on the case and provide any services for the previously submitted claims and dates of service.


To qualify for reimbursement, patients must have an insurance policy with qualifying out-of-network coverage & spend a minimum of $10,000 on billable aspects of treatment.

MBG typically has the best results with employer-sponsored PPO insurance plans & select health-sharing plans.

Unfortunately, patients with Medicaid, Medicare (including all supplements), and HMO insurance policies do not qualify for reimbursement.

To learn if you qualify - call 1-800-674-7836 or click here to sign up for a free case evaluation.


All services are provided on a contingency basis of 25%, with no upfront fees or risk for using the services of Medical Bill Gurus.

Health-Share programs

Since the Affordable Care Act, there have been a lot of changes in the healthcare industry. As a result, many Christian organizations have looked for ways to give people control of their healthcare choices again. Several non-insurance health-share companies have developed to provide members with the ability to seek the care they desire. If you’re already a member of a health-share program, please reach out to them to discuss your coverage options.


Fundraising can be a great option for those who cannot cover the cost of their treatment out of pocket. We have seen family, friends, and entire communities come together to support patients.


Personal crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe are a great tool for raising money. Several site users successfully fund medical expenses, from cancer treatments to heart transplants. If you need help funding medical costs for yourself or someone you care about, learn more about medical fundraising here

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