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Natural Cancer Treatments

bri·o - the quality of being active, alive, spirited, and vigorous

Natural Cancer Treatments

bri·o - the quality of being active, alive, spirited, and vigorous

Natural Cancer Treatments

In conventional oncology, the concept of making the body less toxic, improving diet and nutrition, and regulating the immune system while treating the malignancy is still widely regarded as an important aspect of medical care. The belief that medication alone can and should reverse disease and cure a patient without consideration of the body’s own defense and recover systems still dominates the medical mentality of conventional oncologists throughout the world of Western Medicine.

In standard oncology, there is no treatment that is not deleterious to the immune system or the overall host defense of the patient. In our concept, the foundation of any form of therapy should be the restoration of the biological capabilities of the host with specific emphasis on the immune system.

Supposed by the recovery of the patient’s own defense mechanisms, medical intervention in the form of specific therapies can then take place. Such an approach in due time hopefully will lead the patient to a better quality of life and improved longevity. This is the concept of integrative medicine. We emphatically believe that medical intervention should be comprehensive and successive; one part is not more important than the other and some therapies should be implemented only after certain goals have been reached.

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For example, to give chemotherapy to a patient who recently underwent surgery will only worsen their appetite, strength, and well-being, reducing defense systems and the chances of a successful outcome. In standard radiotherapy programs, statistics show that the higher the dose of radiation, the higher the tumoral response.

However, the same statistics prove that higher doses do not necessarily mean longer survival. This means that we must strike a balance between how aggressively we attack the tumor and how much support we give the body or at least how much assault our biological systems can endure. A healthy body with an intact defense system does not develop cancer. So, the mere fact that cancer is present denotes a failure, mutation, or biological change important enough to trigger such a diagnosis.

If we continue to follow the concept that the elimination of the tumor mass brings cure, we will continue to see the recurrence of cancer – which is one of the consistent outcomes of conventional oncology.

The fact is that when a breast tumor, for example, is removed we could still be far from solving the problem. So, the lump is not the disease – and that should be an important conclusion. By lengthening and enhancing tumor control through human immune/defense systems while remaining completely free of side effects over long periods of use, this is the most nature-similar way of controlling malignant growths.

Bladder Cancer

Though There Are Other Rare Forms, The Three Chief Types Of Bladder Cancer Are Urothelial Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, And Adenocarcinoma. Urothelial Carcinoma Is By Far The Most Common, Accounting For Nearly 90% Of Bladder Cancer Cases. Squamous Cell Carcinomas Result From Long-Term Irritation To The Cells Of The Bladder And Account For 4% Of Cases, While 2% Of Bladder Cancers Are Classified As Adenocarcinoma Which Develops From Glandular Cells. Bladder Cancer Is Also Classified By Other Terms As Well, With Noninvasive Cancer Describing The Disease Which Has Not Spread And Is Easily Removed. Non-Muscle Invasive And Invasive Types Describe Varying Degrees Of Growth And, Therefore, Seriousness.

Breast Cancer

Affecting An Estimated 331,530 Women In The United States Each Year, Breast Cancer Remains One Of The Most Well-Known And Common Cancers Experienced. Breast Cancer Is Staged From I To IV With I Through III Describing Varying Degrees Of Localized Cancer, And IV Representing The Metastatic Stage. Treatment Varies Greatly Depending On Stage, Location, And Tumor Characteristics. Testing For Hormone Receptors And HER2 Genes Helps
To Guide Treatment By Helping To Predict Which Therapies The Tumor Will Respond Best To.

Kidney Cancer

There Are An Estimated 72,820 Diagnosis Of Kidney Cancer Made In The United States Each Year, Resulting In Nearly 15,000 Deaths Annually. Kidney Cancer Is Complex In That It May Occur In Varying Locations In The Kidney And May Also Involve A Range Of Cell Types. Renal Cell Carcinoma, Occurring In The Blood-Filtering Renal Tubules, Makes Up About 85% Of Kidney Cancer Diagnoses. Urothelial Carcinoma Is Less Common, But Still Accounts For Around 15% Of Cases. This Cancer Type Originates In An Area Called The Renal Pelvis, Through Which Urine Passes On Its Way To The Bladder. Correctly Identifying The Cell Type Which Forms The Tumor Can Help Determine The Best Course Of Treatment. There May Be As Many As 20 Different Types Of Kidney Cells, But Clear Cells Form The Majority Of Kidney Cancers.

Lung Cancer – Non-Small Cell

Lung Cancer Is One Of The Most Widespread Cancer Types In The United States And Is Treatable At All Stages, Though Prognosis Declines As The Cancer Advances. Lung Cancer Is Divided Into Two Types, Known As Small Cell (SCLC) And Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). NSCLC Is Classified By The Different Types Of Epithelial Cells In Which It Occurs, Including Mucous-Producing Cells, Squamous Cells, Or Others. Despite The Declining Popularity Of Smoking, Lung Cancer Remains The Leading Cause Of Cancer-Related Deaths.

Lymphoma – Non-Hodgkin

Occurring Within The Lymphatic System, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) May Present And Metastasize To Nearly Any Part Of The Body. Unlike Hodgkin Lymphoma Which Is Associated With Reed-Sternberg Cells, Cancer In NHL More Commonly Results From Malignancy In B Or T-Cells. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Is The Ninth Deadliest Cancer In The United States, Causing Nearly 20,000 Deaths Each Year.


Melanoma Is A Type Of Skin Cancer Originating In Cells Called Melanocytes. Though Early Stages May Be Removed With Surgery, Melanoma Is Known For Growing Downward Into The Skin And Into The Lymph Nodes Which Allows It To Metastasize To Other Areas. Melanoma Is 20 Times More Common In Caucasians Than African-Americans, And Sun Exposure Is A Major Risk Factor. Fortunately, Because This Cancer Is Visible On The Skin, Self-Examinations Can Be Performed And Are Often The Best Way To Catch This Cancer Early. During Self-Examination, One Should Look For Discolorations Or Moles That Have Recently Appeared, Especially Ones With Irregular Borders And Different Shades Of Pigmentation. If Suspicious Spots Are Found, Individuals Should Keep A Close Watch And Contact A Dermatologist If Any Changes Are Noticed.

Pancreatic Cancer

The Pancreas Is An Abdominal Gland Consisting Of Two Major Parts, Thus Corresponding To The Two Types Of Pancreatic Cancer. The Endocrine Part Of The Pancreas Produces Hormones, With Insulin Being The Most Notable. Tumors Within This Region Of The Pancreas Are Sometimes Referred To As Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors (PNETs), And May Or May Not Cause Excess Amounts Of Hormones Such As Insulin. The Exocrine Component Is Regarded For Making Enzymes, Useful For Metabolism And Digestion Of Food. Exocrine Tumors Are By Far The Most Common Form Of Pancreatic Cancer And Can Include Quite A Few Specific Subtypes.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Is Unique Because It Is Usually So Slow-Growing That It Often Causes Minimal Or No Problems. Even If The Cancer Is Advanced Enough To Have Spread Throughout The Body It Is Not Uncommon For Men To Live Many More Relatively Normal Years With Management. Screening For Prostate Cancer Is Difficult Because PSA, An Antigen Measured During Blood Tests That Is Elevated During Prostate Cancer, May Also Become Elevated From A Variety Of Other Causes. Digital Rectal Exams (DRE) Are Another Screening Method Used To Detect Prostate Cancer.

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer Is Three Times More Likely To Develop In Women And Is The Sixth Most Common Cancer Type In Women. The Thyroid Is An Endocrine Gland That Is Important For Producing Hormones That Help To Regulate Metabolism Processes. Papillary Thyroid Cancer Is The Most Common Form And Is Slow-Growing. Follicular Thyroid Cancer Is Also Slow- Growing And, When Combined With The Papillary Type, Accounts For 95% Of Thyroid Cancers. Hurthle Cell Cancer Also Arises From Follicular Cells But Poses A Greater Risk Of Spreading Than Follicular Thyroid Cancer. The Remaining Two Types Are Both Rare And Are Called Medullary Thyroid Cancer And Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer. These Types Can Be More Difficult To Treat Due To Their Fast-Growing Nature.

Uterine Cancer

Uterine Cancer Causes The Sixth Most Cancer-Related Deaths Among Women Each Year In The United States, Totaling Over 12,000 Annually. This Is Also The Most Common Cancer Involving The Female Reproductive System And Has Two Key Types. The Majority Of Uterine Cancers Are Categorized As Adenocarcinoma, Sometimes Called Endometrial Cancer Since The Endometrium Is Usually Involved. Sarcoma Is Far Less Common And Usually Develops In The Myometrium.

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, Or AdCC, Is A Subtype Of Adenocarcinoma Which Is Any Cancer Originating From Glandular Tissue. While AdCC May Occur Elsewhere In The Body, It Most Commonly Begins In The Salivary Glands Found Throughout The Head And Neck, Often First Presenting As Painless Lumps. Despite Only Reaching The Lymph Nodes In About 10% Of Cases, This Cancer Commonly Spreads Via The Bloodstream Or Nerves, With The Lung Being The Most Common Site Of Metastases . This Type Of Cancer May Remain Dormant For Long Stretches, Interchanged With Aggressive And Sudden Stints Of Rapid Growth, Making Prognosis Difficult To Predict.

Adrenal Gland Tumor

The Body Contains Two Adrenal Glands Which Are Responsible For Producing Various Hormones. These Hormones, Which Include Cortisol, Aldosterone, And Dopamine Among Others, Help To Regulate Many Of The Body’s Natural Functions Such As Blood Pressure And Metabolism. Adrenal Gland Tumors May Be Benign Or Cancerous, And Also Either Functioning Or Non-Functioning. Nonfunctioning Tumors Can Be Asymptomatic And May Not Require Treatment In Mild Cases, With Adenoma Being The Most Common Example. Functioning Tumors, However, Can Cause The Adrenal Glands To Produce Excess Hormones Which Will Throw The Body Out Of Balance. Adrenocortical Carcinoma, While Rare, Is The Most Frequently Seen Cancerous Type Of Adrenal Gland Tumors.


Amyloidosis Is A Rare Disease With A Mere 4,000 People Estimated To Be Affected Each Year In The United States. During Amyloidosis, A Protein Called Amyloid Begins To Accumulate Within Varying Tissues Or Organs, Causing Dysfunction And Even Organ Failure In Advanced Cases. There Are Several Subtypes Of Amyloidosis With Light Chain (AL) Amyloidosis Being The Most Common, Typically Depositing Amyloid In The Gastrointestinal System, Kidneys, Heart, Or Nerves. While Amyloidosis Is Not A Cancer In And Of Itself, It Is Thought To Be Associated With Cancers Such As Multiple Myeloma, A Type Of Blood Cancer. Because It Is Such A Rare Disease, Amyloidosis Is Difficult To Study, And Prognosis Is Therefore Often Uncertain. If The Heart Or Other Major Organs Fail, However, Amyloidosis Can Be Fatal.

Anal Cancer

Anal Cancer Is A Broad Term Used To Describe Any Type Of Cancer Within Or Near The Anus. Because Multiple Types Of Cells Are Naturally Found Here, Several Different Cancer Types May Be Classified As Anal Cancer. These Can Include Squamous Cell Carcinoma (The Most Common Type), Cloacogenic Carcinoma, Adenocarcinoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma, And Melanoma. The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Is The Most Frequent Cause, Accounting For Over 90% Of Anal Cancers. Fortunately, A Vaccine Is Available To Protect Against HPV And Is The Primary Prevention Method. Roughly 8,300 Adults In The United States Are Diagnosed With Anal Cancer Each Year.

Appendix Cancer

The Appendix Is Found Attached To The Large Intestine, And While Its Exact Function Is Unknown, It Is Not Considered To Be Of Significant Importance. Multiple Forms Of Cancer May Be Classified As Appendix Cancer, Though Neuroendocrine Tumors, Appendiceal Mucoceles, And Colonic-Type Adenocarcinoma Are The Three Most Common Forms. Neuroendocrine Tumors Account For Roughly Half Of Appendix Cancers And Are Highly Treatable When Caught Early. Unfortunately, Neuroendocrine Tumors Are Often Asymptomatic Until Metastases And Are Therefore Typically Found In The Later Stages. Appendiceal Mucoceles Are Filled With A Substance Called Mucin, Which May Build Up To Cause Symptoms Such As Abdominal Pain Or Blockage. This Type Of Appendix Cancer May Be Benign Or Malignant. Colonic-Type Adenocarcinoma Represents About 10% Of Appendix Cancers And Is Often Not Diagnosed Until An Examination Is Performed For Another Reason, Such As A Routine Colonoscopy Or Appendicitis.

Bile Duct Cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma)

Bile Is A Substance That Is Stored In The Gallbladder And Is Used To Help Metabolize Fats During The Digestion Process. The Bile Duct Connects The Liver (Where Bile Is Made) And Gallbladder (Where Bile Is Stored) To The Small Intestine To Be Used For This Process. Bile Duct Cancer, Or Cholangiocarcinoma, Is Any Type Of Cancer That Originates Within This Passageway. Cancer May Occur At Any Point Within The Bile Duct, And There Are Three Main Types Of This Disease. Extrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma Occurs In The Section Of Duct Outside Of The Liver. It Is The Most Common Form And Is Also The Most Treatable. Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma Occurs Where The Two Hepatic Ducts Merge Together. Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma Occurs In The Section Of Duct Located Within The Liver. This Is The Rarest Form And Is Also The Most Difficult To Treat. Bile Duct Cancer Affects About 8,000 People In The United States Per Year.

Bone Cancer

Bones Are Critical For Many Reasons Including Providing Support, Protection To Internal Organs, And Blood Cell Production To Name A Few. Cancer Within The Bones Is Nearly Always A Result Of Other Cancers Metastasizing. In Fact, Only 0.2% Of All Cancers First Occur In The Bones. Types Of Bone Cancer Include Ewing Sarcoma, Which Can Occur In Either Bone Or Tissue, Osteosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma (Cartilage Cancer), And Chordoma Which Typically Originates In The Spinal Cord. Approximately 3,500 Bone Cancer Diagnoses Are Made Each Year In The United States.

Brain Tumors

Because The Brain And Spinal Cord Affect Nearly Every Function Within The Body, Tumors Within The Brain Can Have Major Complications. Secondary Brain Tumors, Or Tumors Originating From Cancer In Another Part Of The Body, Are Much More Common Than Primary Brain Tumors That Begin In The Brain. Brain Tumors Are Especially Complex To Understand Because Of The Many Types And Characteristics; However, Gliomas And Non-Glioma Tumors Are Considered The Main Groups, Each With Subgroups Of Its Own. Glioma Tumors Grow From Supportive Cells In The Brain Called Glial Cells With Astrocytes, Oligodendrocytes, And Ependymal Cells Serving As Examples. Gliomas Are Assigned A Grade To Describe The Aggressiveness Of The Tumor, With I Being The Slowest Growing And IV Being The Most Hostile Form. Non-Gliomas Tumors, As The Name Suggests, Arise From Non-Glial Cells, Of Which There Are Many.

Cervical Cancer

Roughly 13,170 Women Are Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer In The United States Each Year, Resulting In Over 4,000 Deaths. Abnormal Cells May Appear Before They Become Cancerous And May Be Removed With Surgery To Prevent Advancement Of The Disease. Once In The Cancerous Form, Squamous Cell Carcinoma (80 To 90% Of Cases) And Adenocarcinoma (10% To 20% Of Cases) Represent The Two Most Common Forms Of Cervical Cancer. Thanks To The HPV Vaccine And More Regular Gynecology Screenings, Incidence Rates And Survivorship Of Cervical Cancer Have Dramatically Improved Over Time.

Eye Cancer

Eye Cancer Is An Umbrella Term Describing Any Type Of Cancer That Can Form Within The Eye. While Cancer In The Eye Is Most Commonly A Result Of Metastasis From Another Cancer Type, This Is Not Considered True (Or Primary) Eye Cancer, Which Must Originate In The Eye In Order To Qualify. Among The Primary Eye Cancers, Melanoma Is The Most Frequently Seen, Followed By Intraocular Lymphoma, Retinoblastoma, And Hemangioma. Approximately 3,360 People Are Annually Diagnosed With Eye Cancer In The United States.

Vaginal Cancer

Vaginal Dysplasia, Commonly Associated With The HPV Virus, Is A Condition That Causes Lesions To Develop Within The Cervix Which May Advance To Become Vaginal Cancer If Not Treated Or Removed. Vaginal Cancer Only Affects About 5,300 Women Each Year In The United States. Most Vaginal Cancers Are Classified As Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Though Melanoma, Adenocarcinoma, And Clear Cell Adenocarcinoma May Also Develop.


Meningioma Is A Type Of Tumor That Grows On The Meninges, The Purpose Of Which Is To Protect The Brain And Spinal Cord. While These Tumors May Become Cancerous, The Vast Majority Are Benign. Still, Even Benign Tumors Can Lead To Serious Complications By Placing Pressure On The Brain And Spinal Cord As They Grow. There Are Many Types Of Meningioma Which Differ In Their Location Of Origin On The Meninges.


Typically Caused By Asbestos Exposure Or Smoking, This Rare Cancer Is Diagnosed In Around 3,000 People In The United States Each Year. Mesothelioma Forms In The Lining Of Internal Organs, Most Commonly In Either The Lungs Or The Peritoneum. The Three Types Of Mesothelioma Include The Epithelioid Type, Which Responds Well To Chemotherapy, The Sarcomatoid Type, Which Is The Most Difficult To Treat, And The Biphasic Type, Which Contains Both Epithelioid And Sarcomatoid Characteristics.

Multiple Myeloma

Myeloma Is A Cancer Of Plasma Cells, An Important Component Of Blood Which Is Made In The Bone Marrow And Is Used For Antibody Production. Similar To Other Blood Cancers, Myeloma Can Generate Enough Abnormal Cells To Choke Out The Production Of Other Blood Cell Types, Causing Additional Complications. This Same Problem Can Damage Or Weaken Bones, Increasing The Risk For Fractures As The Disease Progresses.

Myelodysplastic Syndromes – MDS

Considered To Be A Collection Of Blood Disorders As Well As A Type Of Cancer, MDS Behaves Similarly To Other Blood Cancers. The Production Of Numerous Blood Cell Types, In Addition To Stem Cells Which Are Primarily Affected By MDS, Are Reduced Due To The Accumulation Of Abnormal And Immature Cancer Cells In The Bone Marrow. Some Myelodysplastic Syndromes May Also Develop Into A Different Kind Of Blood Cancer Known As Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Neuroendocrine Tumors

Commonly Abbreviated As NET For Convenience, Neuroendocrine Tumors May Be Cancerous Or Benign And Most Frequently Develop In The Gastrointestinal Tract Or The Lungs, Though Other Areas Are Possible. Neuroendocrine Cells Possess Qualities Of Both Hormone-Producing Endocrine Cells, As Well As Nerve Cells. A Functional NET Is One Which Forces The Release Of Excess Amounts Of Hormones From The Cells Which Can Then Translate Into Many Different Complications.

Ovarian, Fallopian Tube, And Peritoneal Cancer

The Ovaries Are Organs Responsible For Containing Eggs And Producing The Hormones Estrogen And Progesterone. The Fallopian Tubes Allow The Passage Of An Egg From The Ovaries Into The Uterus. The Peritoneum Is A Lining That Covers The Organs Within The Abdominal Area, Including The Ovaries And Fallopian Tubes In Women. Any Cancer That Occurs Within These Structures Is Commonly Termed “Ovarian Cancer,” Because It Is Often Difficult To Distinguish Which Of These Locations The Cancer Originated. Several Types Of Specific Cancers Fall Under This Broad Term; However, Epithelial Carcinoma Makes Up Around 90% Of Cases.

Parathyroid Cancer

As A Type Of Endocrine Gland, The Parathyroid Glands Release Hormones Important For Regulating Healthy Body Function, Specifically Regarding Maintaining Healthy Levels Of Phosphorus And Calcium. Even If Benign, Tumors Growing In The Parathyroid Gland Can Alter The Release Of These Hormones And Cause A Serious Condition Called Hypercalcemia, Which Occurs When Calcium Levels In The Blood Become Dangerously High.

Pituitary Gland Tumor

The Pituitary Is An Endocrine Gland With Two Distinct Parts Called The Anterior And Posterior Lobes, Each Releasing Different Sets Of Hormones Important For Regulating Body Functions. The Anterior Lobe Controls Hormones Used For Functions Such As Growth, Skin Color, Reproduction, And Blood Pressure. Thus, Tumors Found Within This Section Of The Pituitary Gland Can Produce A Range Of Serious Disturbances. Hormones Originating From The Posterior Pituitary Can Alter Water Reabsorption And Hydration, As Well As Maternal Actions Such As Uterine Contractions And Milk Production. Even Pituitary Gland Tumors Which Do Not Greatly Disturb Hormone Levels, Called Non-Functional Tumors, Can Cause Problems Such As Blindness If Allowed To Grow Large Enough To Overcrowd Nearby Nerves.

Penile Cancer

Cancer In The Penis Can Take Several Forms Depending On The Cell Type In Which It Develops. Approximately 95% Of Penile Cancers Present As Epidermoid (Or Squamous) Cell Carcinoma, And Is Generally Curable When Found Early. Melanoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma, And Sarcoma Are Other Possible Types Of Penile Cancers, Though They Are Much Rarer. While Many Factors Can Contribute To The Risk Of Penile Cancer, Perhaps The Most Effective Method Of Prevention Is Circumcision, As The Majority Of Penile Cancer Occurs In Uncircumcised Men.

Stomach Cancer

There Are Over 27,000 New Diagnoses Of Stomach Cancer In The United States Each Year, Resulting In Just Under Half As Many Annual Deaths. Adenocarcinoma, Gastric Sarcoma, Lymphoma, And Neuroendocrine Tumors May All Form Within The Stomach And Be Classified As Stomach Cancer. This Disease Is So Deadly Because Of Its Ability To Readily Spread To The Lymph Nodes And Metastasize To Other Locations Such As The Lungs, Ovaries, Bones, And Liver.

Testicular Cancer

A Cancer Type Unique To Males, Testicular Cancer Nearly Always Presents After Puberty. Testicular Cancer Is Categorized As Either Seminoma, Or Non-Seminoma. Most Testicular Cancers Contain A Mix Of These Types, But Because A Cancer Must Be 100% Seminomal To Be Considered Seminoma, Non-Seminoma Cancers Are The More Common Type.

Neuroendocrine Tumor Of The Gastrointestinal Tract

A Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) Occurs In A Unique Type Of Cell That Functions Similarly To Both An Endocrine Cell And A Nerve Cell. The Most Likely Places For NETs To Form Are In The Gastrointestinal Tract And The Lungs, Though Other Locations Are Also Possible. Because NETs Develop In Cells With Endocrine-Like Traits, They May Cause Abnormal Amounts Of Hormones To Be Released, Causing Numerous Symptoms. Roughly 40% Of NETs Do This And Are Known As Functional NETs.

Healing During The Crisis Phase

Our anticancer program of “slow drip” IV infusions, direct injections, oral, and sub-lingual nutrients, specialized diet, oxygen therapy, energy therapy, and detoxification normally takes three weeks, a period we called the “crisis phase.” The three-week segment is designed to interfere with at least one full cycle of malignant-cell replication. After the initial three-week, intensive-therapy phase, the patient is provided with a program of protocols and dietary changes to be followed at home. The arguments between “alternative” and “orthodox” medicine should vanish with the understanding that metabolic illnesses are part of a multifactorial and complex scenario.

Real medicine is unitarian and addresses the health and well-being of whole individuals. There are no such things as different medicines or even medical specialties; these are man-made concepts that help to understand how the body works in health and disease. In reality, any attempt to treat only a part of a patient will encounter far less than the desired outcome. Every effort to integrate the different avenues of medicine, “alternative” or “conventional”, old and new, East or West, homeopathic or allopathic, with the well-being and respect for our patients' needs in mind can only lead to better, more substantial and longer-lasting results.

Humans normally produce cancer cells throughout their lives. Malignant cells exposed to a healthy, active immune system will either be attacked and destroyed (phagocytosis) or genetically programmed for self-destruction (apoptosis). Genetic mutations and chromosomal abnormalities are commonly associated with human cancers. Unfortunately, since the genetic mutations leading the development of cancer are often random events, every patient’s tumor can contain a unique repertoire of antigens. The characteristics of human cancer require each patient’s immune system to recognize the specific antigens present. 

Brio-Medical Treatment Philosophy

Guiding Principles To Hope And Healing

All Treatment Programs Are Individualized. One Size Does Not Fit All! The Treatment Plan Designed For You Will Be Based On Personal History, Physical Exam, Labs, Imaging, Medications, Allergies, And Your Overall Health. When You Are Seriously Sick You Need Serious Help. Brio-Medical, Combines Natural Supplement IV’s Along With Specialized Equipment To Boost The Bodies Ability To Respond To Disease And Injury. This Is Where Hope Is Restored Thanks To Our Highly Trained Staff And Our Unique Combination Of Treatments & Therapies.

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Principle 1:

Your Biology Is Controlled By Your Thoughts

All Treatment Programs Are Individualized. One Size Does Not Fit All! The Treatment Plan Designed For You Will Be Based On Personal History, Physical Exam, Labs, Imaging, Medications, Allergies, And Your Overall Health. When You Are Seriously Sick You Need Serious Help. Brio-Medical, Combines Natural Supplement IV’s Along With Specialized Equipment To Boost The Bodies Ability To Respond To Disease And Injury. This Is Where Hope Is Restored Thanks To Our Highly Trained Staff And Our Unique Combination Of Treatments & Therapies.

Principle 2:

Eat Healthy Food

That Is Organic, Non-Gmo, Whole Foods. This Also Includes Avoiding Refined Sugars Like Sodas, Cakes, Candies, And Anything With High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). HFCS Is A Genetically Modified Product. Fruits Are Acceptable But Juice Should Be Limited To Leafy Green Vegetables With A Granny Smith Apple To Taste. The Idea Is To Avoid A Spike In Blood Sugar And Subsequent Strong Insulin Response.

Principle 3:

Drink Plenty of Water

The Body Consists Of About 60-70% Water. Water Loss By The Body Is Termed Sensible, Loss From Urine And Stool Or Insensible, Loss From Respiration And Evaporation (Sweating). Water Is Lost By The Body All The Time Which Is Why It Needs To Be Replenished. The Body Needs Water For Digestion, Excretion, Absorption, Circulation And Regulation Of Body Temperature.

Principle 4:

Get Some Sleep

The Majority Of Americans Suffer From Sleep Deprivation Which Causes Mental, Emotional And Physical Fatigue. Sleep Debt Has An Effect On The Immune System And Healing. Research Has Shown In Mammalian Models That Animals Who Get More Sleep Have Higher Levels Of White Blood Cells (WBCs) Which Are Paramount To An Immune Response. Inadequate Sleep Is Also Associated With Breast, Prostate And Colon Cancers.

Principle 5:


Most Cancers Take Years To Form. The Standard American Diet (SAD) Including Alcohol Creates An Acidic And Inflammatory Environment In The Body That Leads To A Number Of Health Issues Including Diabetes. Then Take Into Account A Daily Bombardment Of Environmental Toxins (Toxicants), Such As Cigarette Smoke, Diesel Fuels, Pesticides, Herbicides, Pollution, Toxic Metals, And GMOs, Etc That Further Elevates The Total Toxic Burden Of The Body. No Wonder Chronic Illness Is On The Rise!

Principle 6:


Specific Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids, Adaptogens, Botanicals, Etc That Are Used To Replete The Body From Depleted States. As The Immune System Becomes Strengthened And The Toxic Burden Reduced, The Body Can Start To Heal. Quality Of Supplements Vary, So Discuss With Your Naturopathic Or Integrative Practitioner Before Purchasing.

Principle 7:


There Are So Many Benefits To Exercise And Movement. Exercise Makes You Feel More Energetic And Healthier And It Positively Impacts The Immune System. Exercise Eases Depression And Anxiety And Reduces Chronic Stress By Slowing Down The Release Of Stress Hormones.

Principle 8:

Balancing The Milieu

This Is The Internal Terrain Of The Body. Our Body Hosts White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells, Hormones And Even Microorganisms To Name A Few. For Example, Bacteria Is Needed In The Gut To Promote Digestion And Metabolism Of Food And Produce Vitamins B12 And K. These Good Bacteria Are Killed By A Number Of Things Including Antibiotics, Anesthesia, And Heavy Metals Which Can Lead To An Overpopulation Of Pathogenic Bacteria And Even Candida In The Gut. Balancing This Terrain Is Important Because Everyone Always Has Cancer Cells. Fortunately We Also Have Mechanisms In Place That Such As Tumor Suppressor Genes That Protect Cells. Balancing The Body’s Internal Environment Is Done By Incorporating The Above Principles And Letting It Becoming Your Lifestyle.

Principle 9:

IV Therapy And Specialized Equipment

When You Are Seriously Sick You Need Serious Help. Brio-Medical, Combines Natural Supplement IV’s Along With Specialized Equipment To Boost The Bodies Ability To Respond To Disease And Injury. This Is Where Hope Is Restored Thanks To Our Highly Trained Staff And Our Unique Combination Of Treatments & Therapies.

The greatest testimony to the benefits and results of the treatments offered at Brio-Medical comes from the inspiring stories told by actual patients and their families. From helpless PET scans to Western Blot Tests indicating no positive bands, we can say that our research and dedication have made a difference in the lives of our patients. Don’t take our word for it, please take a moment to watch these amazing stories and know that we are always ready and eager to make a difference in your life or the life of a loved one who may be dealing with chronic illness.

I Saw Dr Kollin For Cancer Prevention. In 2014 I Had Pain On The Left Side Which Occasionally Radiated To My Left Breast. An U/S Showed Nothing But Fibrous Breasts. The Origin Of The Pain Could Never Be Pinpointed. She Had Me Apply A Lotion To My Torso Daily. After A Few Months, I Began To Have Eruptions Under The Left Breast And Increased The Lotion Applications As Instructed. The Eruptions Progressed, The Pain On The Left Side Increased. After 4 Months The Eruptions Stopped And The Skin Healed. The Pain On The Left Side Is Gone. Follow Up U/S Has Shown That The Breasts Are No Longer Fibrous. Incidentally, They Are No Longer Tender When Menstruating. I Am So Thankful For Dr. Kollin. She Listened And Supported Me. She Is Truly Caring."

AB, Cancer Patient
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