Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME) Treatment

bri·o - the quality of being active, alive, spirited, and vigorous

Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME) Treatment

bri·o - the quality of being active, alive, spirited, and vigorous

Holistic Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME) Treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona

Extreme tiredness, inability to perform daily activities, sleep problems - these are only a few symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as encephalomyelitis. It can lead to a general lifestyle imbalance and can destroy your routine completely. Early diagnosis is crucial to help relieve the pain and nuisance connected with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Chronic Fatigue is generally defined by persistent fatigue accompanied by other specific symptoms for a minimum of six months in adults (and three months in children or adolescents).

Ill-knowledgeable wellness doctors prescribe “adrenal food” for their patient’s adrenal failure, but the patients have little or no improvement in their chronic fatigue symptoms. Why? Because adrenal failure is not a primary adrenal problem. It is a brain problem, and furthermore, the adrenal glands already have enough adrenal fuel without the thousands of dollars of supplements prescribed by the integrative physician. Arenal insufficiency is linked to levels of epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine, DHEA-S, and cortisol.

In March 2016, despite decades of suggesting otherwise, the Centers for Disease Control and Symptoms (CDC) determined that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) patients have normal mental/emotional health function, but severe physical impairments.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Natural Treatment

One of the biggest struggles when it comes to a proper diagnosis is a varied pattern of CFS. Most often the symptoms are similar to a common cold, so as a patient you need time to be diagnosed accurately. Doctors need to rule out all the illnesses that mimic encephalomyelitis in order to be sure. We seek to examine and address the underlying causes of chronic fatigue syndrome, rather than focusing on the superficial treatment of the symptoms. In many cases, there is no single cause, but rather a combination of issues that lead to chronic fatigue syndrome. By taking a holistic approach that looks at diet, supplements, the elimination of toxins and infections, as well as mental health and wellbeing; it is possible to bring the body back into balance so that you can experience complete healing. There are several factors that contribute to the syndrome including:

Poor Nutrition

The Standard American Diet is high in sugar and trans fats that poison the body. It is also not sufficiently nutrient-dense, so your body isn’t able to synthesize the compounds that it needs to function optimally. Additionally, consuming soft drinks that contain aspartame can put you at further risk as aspartame poisoning which leads to headaches, depression, and chronic fatigue, among other issues.

Environmental Factors

Exposure to pesticides results in a number of health concerns, such as joint pain and muscle weakness that are linked to chronic fatigue. Pesticides, along with raised stress levels, allow the chemicals to access the brain resulting in CFS.

Yeast Infections (Candida)

Research points to yeast infections being a contributor to chronic fatigue syndrome with women who had recurrent vaginal yeast infections, multiple courses of antibiotics, and diets high in sugar and alcohol being more susceptible to chronic fatigue as a result of a weakened immune system.

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue affects as much as 80% of the world’s industrialized population ensuring that we are stuck in a state of constant ‘fight or flight’. This leads to higher levels of hormones being secreted such as cortisol and adrenaline and contributes to a CFS diagnosis.

Q - What do you call Chronic Fatigue Syndrome today?

A - By definition, it is intense fatigue that is not improved by bed rest that has lasted for six months or longer, and has greater than 50 percent debility (weakness) with no known cause. That is chronic fatigue syndrome, CFS.

Chronic fatigue, CF, is different. It is chronic fatigue from a known cause like low thyroid or low adrenal function which can make you feel like you can barely get up in the morning.

Q - What causes CFS?

A-One of the most common and treatable is a poly-microbial infection. In other words, more than one infection. All infections are opportunistic. When the day comes that we can identify and get rid of all infections, we won’t have CFS anymore. But there are other insults to the immune system that can cause fatigue too.

A lot of people used to get CFS after they left the hospital following surgery. Anesthesia drugs can give lasting liver, kidney, or brain damage. It used to happen a lot that people would wake up almost as if they had had a little stroke, but you couldn’t prove it. The newer anesthetics are better.

Q - When CFS is not Lyme, how treatable is it?

A - Treatment depends upon using the best possible diagnostic technologies and seeing if you can find a clue as to what the cause is. Infection is the most common thing we find. So you treat it and you boost the immune system with things like intravenous vitamin C and glutathione, large amounts of oral vitamins, the best possible diet, and often heavy metal detoxification.

Hidden yeast infection is a common part of the equation. Something that seems as innocent as acne treatment with antibiotics can lead to an occult overgrowth of yeast in the gut. This can cause varying degrees of digestive problems, and can - in and of itself - cause chronic fatigue and require intense treatment.

Candida plays a major role in CFS. Being “so tired” and “sick all over” is a common link between sufferers of CFS, fibromyalgia, and yeast overgrowth. Candida is a fungus, and it has several forms. The yeast form is the young form of fungus before it “sprouts arms” and it can do a lot of damage. Candida is common in the gut and vaginal infections. Yeast by itself has been a common cause of CFS. Candida can be tested for and if positive, it needs aggressive treatment. I use Nystatin or Diflucan, but we are seeing some resistance now to Diflucan. You see a quick, sometimes dramatic response to these drugs within a couple of days - that way you know it is not Lyme.

One of the most helpful treatments for CFS and Lyme is gamma globulin injections, although the intravenous form and the injectable form have gotten very pricey. Gamma globulin is the human protein from which antibodies are made. Gamma globulin is a product of blood - without the problems that can come with blood transfusions. When you get gamma globulin, you are receiving antibodies from ten thousand other human beings who may have been better at making antibodies against various things than you are. Antibodies are specific for a specific invader. Antibodies against measles, for example, do nothing against Lyme and vice versus. Antibodies can destroy pathogens. I’ve seen a number of cases of chronic fatigue from sinus infections that go away when people take a monthly gamma globulin shot.

Some people like to use the transfer factor, but it takes a good ten months to work, and in ten months so many things change, you don’t know how helpful the transfer factor was. But mostly it just takes too long to work.

Twenty percent of the oxygen we breathe becomes hydrogen peroxide in the body. It is a natural and potent bug killer. The amount we give intravenously can kill organisms and do no damage to us. Hydrogen peroxide is like a little internal flame thrower. You don’t want to drink it, however, because it will kill off good as well as bad guys in the colon. But anything in the bloodstream XXX doesn’t belong there AND can be killed by hydrogen peroxide.

Q - What about the connection to fibromyalgia?

CFS by definition must include fatigue. But it often causes pain. So fibromyalgia, chronic muscle pain of unknown origin, often comes with CFS. The two are often intertwined.

Fibromyalgia is myalgia - muscle pain. If you don’t know the cause, then you call it fibromyalgia. The accepted criteria say that if 11 out of 18 specified trigger points are tender, that’s fibromyalgia. But what if there are 9 or 10 spots? What if there are 18? It is a nonsensical criterion. But conventional medicine decided to label it and assign diagnostic codes. Think about this - how hard do I press on the 18 points? How much pain tolerance do you have? There is a lot of nonsense in medicine and you have to see through it or you get stuck in it.

Trying to treat fibromyalgia with pain pills is frustrating because they usually don’t work well. Fibromyalgia doesn’t respond well if at all to anti-inflammatories and analgesics or muscle relaxants because they are addressing the wrong problem. The problem is hidden toxins. The toxins that are causing the fatigue are also causing the pain. All anti-oxidant nutrients play a role in pain reduction including vitamins C and E.

Q - When you peel off all the layers of the onion, what is the fundamental cause of fatigue?

A - Mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria are inside each cell of our body and they act like a digestive system that takes in nutrients, breaks them down. This is where the body turns glucose into energy, creating energy for each cell. We have 60 trillion or so cells and there are a thousand or more mitochondria generating energy inside every cell. Just as a coal-fired power plant requires a lot of raw material, the mitochondria require a lot of nutrients to create energy. I don’t think we know enough yet to really understand how substandard mitochondrial action creates CFS - but we know the mitochondrial action isn’t creating enough energy. That makes us tired.

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