Fibromyalgia Treatment

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Holistic Fibromyalgia Treatment Center in Scottsdale, Arizona

Fibromyalgia is the medical term used for patients who suffer from total body pain. Fibromyalgia patients not only suffer from tremendous body pain, severe muscle spasms, and “trigger points” they also suffer from anxiety issues because the excessive electrical current running throughout every nerve in their body also pulses throughout their brain!

Fibromyalgia patients suffer from undiagnosed deficiencies of calming neurotransmitters and excessive activity of excitatory or electrifying neurotransmitters. The imbalance of neurotransmitters can be corrected when the underlying cause[s] of the imbalance is properly diagnosed.

Fibromyalgia is derived from the excessive electrical current running throughout the nerves in the body. Fibromyalgia patients suffer from “total body pain” because their nerves are over-electrified.

Diagnosing and “fixing” the underlying cause of fibromyalgia is obviously better fibromyalgia treatment than simply masking the symptoms of fibromyalgia with medications like Lyrica and Opana. These addicting medications simply “turn down” the excess “electrical voltage” caused by harmful toxicity issues. Big Pharma would have you believe their “symptom treatment’ is the solution, however, masking the symptoms with a medication that reduces electrical activity does nothing to correct underlying disorders that ultimately cause neurotoxicity and subsequently, damage to brain and body nerves.

Our research has proven that the common denominator in chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia patients is neurotoxicity, the excessive accumulation of toxins in the brain and nervous system. To diagnose the underlying causes of fibromyalgia, we perform a comprehensive analysis of over 400 biochemicals, brain chemicals, hormones, biomarkers for infection, toxin biomarkers, and nutritional markers.

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