IV Glutathione

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Glutathione IV Therapy Treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona

Glutathione is probably the most important antioxidant your body needs to stay healthy. It plays a role in neutralizing free radicals, removing oxidation agents, eliminating toxins, transporting heavy metals out of the body, boosting other antioxidants, repairing cellular damage, and more.

While your body produces glutathione naturally, it’s rarely sufficient during an infection. Because it’s pivotal to peak metabolic function, glutathione therapy is a staple in almost every Lyme disease treatment plan and is especially helpful to offset the Herxheimer reaction caused when Lyme bacteria is killed.

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Glutathione is administered orally, intravenously, or with a nebulizer. Oral glutathione is often mixed with fats called phospholipids in a solution called liposomal glutathione. This mixture increases absorption by preventing the gut from destroying glutathione during digestion and also makes glutathione more palatable.

Intravenous and nebulizer glutathione therapies are significantly more effective because they send glutathione directly into the bloodstream, either with a needle in the vein or through a nebulizer that produces a mist that’s inhaled into the lungs.

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