Oxygen Therapy

bri·o - the quality of being active, alive, spirited, and vigorous

Oxygen Therapy

bri·o - the quality of being active, alive, spirited, and vigorous

Oxygen Therapy Treatments in Scottsdale, Arizona

Oxygen therapy for the treatment of cancer and Lyme disease works by increasing the amount of oxygen your blood carries to damaged tissues. Both Cancer and Borrelia spirochetes are anaerobic, meaning they can’t exist in an oxygenated environment, so treatment with oxygen can be quite effective.

Our patients report increased mobility with less joint pain, better cognitive function, increased energy, and more restful sleep. Oxygen therapy is primarily available through hyperbaric oxygen therapy and ozone therapy.

Bladder cancer
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The High Oxygen Content In Cancer Cells Renders Them More Susceptible To Induced Cell Death, And Can Be Used For Selective Cancer Therapy. Cancer Cells Thrive In A Hypoxic Environment (Low Oxygen). Experts Suggest This Is Because Cancer Is A Fast Replicating Cell. It Usually Quickly Outgrows It Oxygen Supply Causing Cancer To Metastasize.

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg Said Cells Become Cancerous When They Lose Their Ability To Breathe. He Won A Nobel Prize In 1931. “The Prime Cause Of Cancer Is The Replacement Of The Cellular Respiration Of Oxygen In Normal Body Cells By A Fermentation Of Sugar.”
● Hypoxia Means Low Oxygen Environment. Cancer Can Be Found In Low Oxygen Environments.
● Hyperoxia Means High Oxygen Environment. This Does Not Kill Cancer. If That Were True, We Could Easily Kill Cancer With Just Increasing Oxygen Levels.
● Eliminating Low Oxygen (Hypoxia) Isn’t Enough To Eliminate Cancer.
● Increasing The Body’s Oxygen Levels (Hyperoxia) Has Shown To Be Beneficial To Cancer Patients In Conjunction With Other Treatments.

The evidence of current medical research confronts us with our present and obviously our immediate future that important vitamin deficiencies and low levels of critical minerals are the reality in a majority of Americans who have lived on an unhealthy processed food diet.

Other findings suggest that more than 60% of cancer cases could be prevented with proper nutrition and supplementation. The statistics are stark: seven out of every ten Americans will die due to preventable, chronic, inflammatory disease. What is even more important is that research shows that at least 50% could be avoided with timely intervention to assess and modify risk factors.

When we speak of attaining overall wellness, we also need to set and maintain important goals: we have to achieve adequate aerobic capacity, strengthen and tone our muscles, improve our flexibility and elasticity, reach and maintain ideal body weight, enjoy a balanced diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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