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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy in Scottsdale, Arizona

Cellular Exercise, Is Simply Exercise At The Cellular Level. The Only Way To Do This Is By Using A Pulse Machine. When We Exercise Our Bodies On A Cellular Level We Stimulate The Cell To Get Rid Of Waste. This Allows Room For Fresh Nutrients And Oxygen To Enter The Cell. If We Are Injured Or Very Ill Our Body Is In Desperate Need Of Cellular Exercise. Areas Of Injury Or Pain Tend To Have Cells With A Lower Overall Charge.

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Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, Author Of The Book Healing Is Voltage States : “The Cells In The Body Are Designed To Run At -20 To -25 Millivolts. To Heal By Making New Cells, We Must Achieve -50 Millivolts. We Get Chronically Sick When Voltage Drops Below -20 Millivolts.” “When Voltage Drops Below -20 Millivolts, We Get Chronic Pain. In Addition, Oxygen Levels Drop Since They Are Controlled By The Voltage Level. Thus, Chronic Disease Is Always Defined By Low Voltage.” Pulse Therapy Provides The Body With The Correct Millivolts To Repair Damage And Overcome Illness. It’s Non-Toxic And Non-Invasive. We Test Every Patient’s Millivolt Level When They Arrive And Throughout Their Stay.

What is the BEMER?

BEMER Is An FDA Registered Consumer Medical Device That’s Easy-To-Use, Non-Invasive And Can Improve Microcirculatory Blood Flow By Up To 30%. BEMER Signal Helps Improve The Impaired Pumping Movements Of Small And Very Small Vessels To Promote Needs-Based Distribution Of Blood.

Nearly All Blood Vessels In Our Body Are Microvessels. If Placed End-To-End, They Would Extend More Than 74,000 Miles. The Circulation Of Our Blood Is The Engine That Keeps Us Going. The Heart Pumps Blood Through The Main Arteries, But It Relies On The Additional Power Of The Autonomous Pumping Motion Of The Microvessels. It Is These Very Small Vessels That Reach The Most Remote Parts Of Our Body.

BEMER Devices Are Designed To Improve Circulation And Support The Body’s Natural Self-Regulating Processes. Blood Is The Body’s Universal Means Of Transport; Oxygen, Nutrients, Chemical Messengers (E.G., Hormones) And Immune Cells Are All Transported Through Our Blood. When Our Body’s Cells, Tissues And Organs Are Adequately Nourished And Metabolic Waste Products Are Removed, Our Bodies Become Healthy And Function Properly.

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