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About Brio-Medical

bri·o - the quality of being active, alive, spirited, and vigorous

About Brio-Medical

bri·o - the quality of being active, alive, spirited, and vigorous

Welcome To The Brio Family

The mission of Brio-Medical is to fulfill your quest for total health and wellness at our state-of-the-art facility with science-backed natural treatments for the management for cancer, Lyme Disease, and other chronic illness.

The caring environment of everyone at the Brio-Medical family is here to help you, from the drivers who pick you up at the airport to the medical staff, our family here looks forward to joining you and giving you a “Brio-Welcome”.

The philosophy behind the Brio-Care System is the synergistic intersection of alternative and conventional medicine based on the principle that a healthy body does not develop the disease with an intact immune defense system.

The Brio-Care System believes each person is unique, and the approach to maintaining and improving health and healing should be holistic, treating the mind, body, and spirit. Our approach seeks to restore and strengthen the biological capacities of the body to renew, repair, and heal, with specific emphasis on the immune system.  Our treatments are designed to “kick start” self-renewal and healing.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona - Testimonial
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The evidence of current medical research confronts us with our present and obviously our immediate future that important vitamin deficiencies and low levels of critical minerals are the reality in a majority of Americans who have lived on an unhealthy processed food diet.

Other findings suggest that more than 60% of cancer cases could be prevented with proper nutrition and supplementation.

The statistics are stark: seven out of every ten Americans will die due to preventable, chronic, inflammatory disease. What is even more important is that research shows that at least 50% could be avoided with timely intervention to assess and modify risk factors.

When we speak of attaining overall wellness, we also need to set and maintain important goals: we have to achieve adequate aerobic capacity, strengthen and tone our muscles, improve our flexibility and elasticity, reach and maintain ideal body weight, enjoy a balanced diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

What is Brio-Care?

The Brio-Care System is about leaning and implementing modalities that bring functionality and vigor to your daily life. Not only that, but Brio-Care is also empowering you to have energy and enjoyment you thought was a thing of the past. Brio-Care is about bridging the gaps that past disease or problems might have left as unattended health problems. By doing all these you will not only reach and maintain these goals, you will also obtain all the benefits. The Brio-Care Systems’ approach to wellness focuses on the continuum support with our utmost care to obtain a constant, conscious pursuit of a healthier life.

The Brio-Care Wellness Program is carefully personalized to meet individual needs, whether healthy or dealing with a new or ongoing diagnosis. We are on a quest for vibrant quality of life throughout our lifespan and we desired extended active life.

None of us want to be incapacitated during what should be our golden years. Right now, you may be feeling quite well, but you know you could feel better or feel as vibrant as before. Our desire for abundant health is confronted by the actual growing incidence of dysfunction and finally overt chronic disease.

The Brio-Medical Story

Brio-Medical Founder Rusty Roberts - Alternative Lyme DIsease clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona
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Brio-Medical was started by the son of a stage-4 cancer patient. She lived an additional 12 years when no conventional doctor gave her 12 weeks to live. After having a horrible experience with chemotherapy, she went to Mexico for treatments, and within just 3 weeks of natural treatments they wiped away 22 tumors in her upper abdomen. They saved her life when no conventional doctor even thought it was possible. It was the most amazing transformation we had ever witnessed. Her experience inspired us to become advocates for others who were searching for their own amazing story.

Over the years it was evident that most people go to Mexico for treatment not because they want to, but rather because they feel they have no choice. We knew the Lord was laying it on our hearts to bring the best of those lifesaving treatments of Mexico to the USA. We had no idea as to how we would open a successful, lifesaving clinic, but we knew the Lord would do it for us when the time was right. In late 2019, just after Thanksgiving, we opened the doors on Brio-Medical. We’ve seen many God-given miracles since that day. The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful clinic to help others find vitality, hope, and vigor.  

-Rusty Roberts, Brio-Medical CEO

The greatest testimony to the benefits and results of the treatments offered at Brio-Medical comes from the inspiring stories told by actual patients and their families. From helpless PET scans to Western Blot Tests indicating no positive bands, we can say that our research and dedication have made a difference in the lives of our patients. Don’t take our word for it, please take a moment to watch these amazing stories and know that we are always ready and eager to make a difference in your life or the life of a loved one who may be dealing with chronic illness.

I Saw Dr Kollin For Cancer Prevention. In 2014 I Had Pain On The Left Side Which Occasionally Radiated To My Left Breast. An U/S Showed Nothing But Fibrous Breasts. The Origin Of The Pain Could Never Be Pinpointed. She Had Me Apply A Lotion To My Torso Daily. After A Few Months, I Began To Have Eruptions Under The Left Breast And Increased The Lotion Applications As Instructed. The Eruptions Progressed, The Pain On The Left Side Increased. After 4 Months The Eruptions Stopped And The Skin Healed. The Pain On The Left Side Is Gone. Follow Up U/S Has Shown That The Breasts Are No Longer Fibrous. Incidentally, They Are No Longer Tender When Menstruating. I Am So Thankful For Dr. Kollin. She Listened And Supported Me. She Is Truly Caring."

AB, Cancer Patient
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