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Preparing For Treatment

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What You Need To Know Next

Congratulations on deciding to embark on your journey to healing with Brio-Medical! Like most journeys, ours also starts with a guide. A Brio-Medical patient advocate will reach out to help you navigate the first few steps of preparing for treatment.

For now, your patient advocate will be your primary resource at Brio-Medical. They will answer your questions, introduce you to our programs and protocols, assist with paperwork, and help you finalize arrangements as you continue preparing for treatment.

We practice a team consulting approach to your care with the best of all therapies available, an integrated approach to healthcare not found at any other medical facility.

Our practitioners spend time getting to know you so we can provide the best possible care. During your first integrative medicine consultation, we’ll talk with you at length, as much as two hours,  about your health history and concerns, and the health goals you hope to achieve. You will benefit from the skill and knowledge of our entire team.

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Gather Medical Records

Once accepted to the Integrative Oncology Program, the medical team will be needed to evaluate your medical history. Your patient care coordinator will be on what records and information the medical team will need to prepare your personalized treatment plan. This process includes compiling comprehensive health history documentation, such as previous medical treatments, surgeries, medications, allergies, and any chronic conditions.

Also, it's beneficial to include information on your family's medical history, if you don't mind. These records are vital for the Brio-Medical team to understand your health background comprehensively, enabling them to provide personalized and effective care.

Please note that medical records will only be accepted once you have been accepted into the program. Once accepted, you will be prompted to submit your documents. In the initial stages, you'll be able to learn about our program and schedule a consultation to determine if you qualify for our 7-week Integrative Oncology Program without needing medical records. This consultation is an essential rstanding your needs and how we can best support you.

Book Travel and Finalize Treatment Contract

To confirm your spot at the clinic, please work with your Patient Advocate directly on the best days to fly and times to arrive at Brio-Medical in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Upon confirmation, you’ll receive a contract and admissions documents. Please complete and sign these before your arrival.

Update Travel Documents

Before traveling, ensure that all travel documents (passports, permits, etc.) are up to date and accessibleKeep a copy of important documents with a reliable family member or friend you can contact in the unlikely event of an emergency. For more information, please review the Travel section.


Stock Medication and Supplements

Create a list of your existing medical prescriptions and supplements. Ensure you have enough in stock to last you for the duration of your stay at Brio-Medical.


Deliver payment via credit card, check, wire transfer, or cash prior to your arrival at Brio-Medical. Your patient care coordinator will go over the cost and protocols of your treatment plan and provide you with payment instructions.


Insurance Billing Policy

Brio-Medical is a non-participating medical provider with all insurance companies, including having opted out of medicare (including all supplements) & Medicaid; patients will be required to provide payment for each treatment week.

Brio-Medical does not accept assignment of benefits from any insurance payer regardless of any insurance pre-authorization, pending litigation & settlement, or guarantee of funds.

Learn more about the insurance billing policy at Brio-Medical.

Financial Resources

At Brio-Medical, we realize that not everyone readily has the financial means for a long-term treatment plan. We also know that insurance companies generally don’t cover healthcare costs for integrative treatments received from non-participating medical providers.

We want you to know that there is plenty of financial help for patients seeking treatment. You still have the option to choose the treatment that resonates with you.

Learn more about financial resources available for patients.


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