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Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy for Cancer

Ozone Therapy for Cancer

Ozone is a colorless gas made of three atoms of oxygen (O3). This form of oxygen breaks down free radicals, killing microbes and stimulating the immune system. When ozone contacts your blood, it produces more red blood cells and proteins, increasing your body’s oxygen supply. It can also deactivate bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses to disrupt infection. Ozone is administered in a few ways. These include intravenous (IV) administration of ozone into your bloodstream, circulation of your blood through a machine that infuses it with ozone and returns it to your body, or the ingestion or application of ozonated water or oils.

Ozone (O3) is three molecules of oxygen combined together. The goal of ozone treatment is to force oxygen into the cells of the body. Ozone enters the mitochondria of the cells, repairing it (the energy production of the cell) and helping decrease fatigue and better utilize oxygen in the cells. This has been shown to treat a variety of chronic illnesses.

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Major Autohemotherapy Ozone Treatment at Brio-Medical

In medicine, ozone is used as an alternative therapy that improves the body’s intake and use of oxygen while activating the immune system.  Ozone therapy is used to treat diseases and conditions by disinfecting the area around them. Not only does this limit the effects of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast, but ozone therapy also improves the body’s intake and use of oxygen and activates the immune system.

Ozone has been used and studied in medicine for decades.  After being used on wounds in World War I, its application showed not only the ability to disinfect but also the ability to aid in blood flow and have anti-inflammatory effects.  The effects of ozone therapy have proven and consistent with minimal side effects. However, special techniques must be used and done so by a professional as ozone can be harmful to health if not handled and utilized properly.

It has been proven that cancer and disease grow very poorly in oxygenated tissue. Ozone triggers the white blood cells to start producing antibodies which will prevent the immune system from attacking healthy cells. Ozone helps to reduce oxidation of the cells promoting natural antioxidant properties and decreases the level of acidity in the body.

Ozone is not an approved therapy from the FDA. Ozone has been used in countries in Europe for 50-70 years and is an everyday practice to treat and prevent a large variety of illnesses. Ozone is a naturally occurring and non-patentable medication.

Unfortunately, big Pharma is not going to financially back studies on Ozone treatments as it is not a moneymaker for drug companies. Despite the lack of FDA approval, its use for many years in other countries, and countless studies and clinical evidence show its healing properties.

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