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Emotional Healing

bri·o - the quality of being active, alive, spirited, and vigorous

Emotional Healing Center in Scottsdale, Arizona

In The Matrix Trilogy Movies, The Architect, The Designer And Father Of The Matrix, Created A Utopia But The Minds Of Humans Rejected It. We Are Taught By The Great Sages That The “Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within Us” Yet Many Of Us “Feel Like Hell.” So What’s The Deal?

Stress. People Are Full Of It. Psychological Stress Causes Both Emotional And Physical Disorders. We Are All Prone To Stress But The Degree Of “Stress Proneness” Is Related To The Massed Accumulation Of Repressed And Suppressed Feelings.

Basically, The Majority Of Our Stress Isn’t External In Nature, Like Being Chased By A Lion On The Plains Of The Serengeti, Or More Appropriately, A Job Deadline, But Rather From Our Own Suppressed Emotions.

These Suppressed Emotions Cause Us To Be Chronically Stressed Even When Trying To Relax On Vacation. The Body However Is Unable To Differentiate External Or Internal Stress. Thus The Stress Is Perceived By The Body As A Threat Regardless If It Is Real Or Fictitious.

The Stress System, Or The System Of Fight & Flight Takes Precedence Over The Immune System. The Long Term Exposure Of Hormones On The Body Begins To Create Havoc, Showing Signs Of Diseased Organs. All Diseases Have An Emotional-Psychological Component.

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The Disease Process Can Be Rectified By Getting Rid Of The Internal Stress Factors Which Include Resentment, Guilt, Shame, Worry, Anxiety, And Not Loving Oneself, Etc. We May Be Aware (Conscious) Of These Internal Stress Factors Or They May Be Repressed (Subconscious). Nevertheless They Are The Basis Of Our Belief Systems And These Beliefs Can Cause Illness. “The Body Will Express The Beliefs Held In Mind, Consciously Or Unconsciously. ” For Example, The Idea Of Catching A Cold Because It Is Going Around Is A Belief System Held In The Mind That Gives Permission To The Body To Manifest A Cold. So How Do We Know This To Be True? Clinical Research On Individuals With Multiple Personalities Has Demonstrated That Different Personalities Can Manifest Different Physical Ailments Or Traits All Within The Same Body. One Personality May Have Blue Eyes And Another In The Same Body Brown Eyes Or One Personality May Be Allergic To Peanuts And A Different Personality In The Same Body Can Eat Peanuts Without Harm. Again, The Body Manifests What Is Believed By The Mind.

The Mind Controls The Brain And Can Be Friend Or Foe. Fortunately, There Are Ways To Overturn The Negative Programming. Scientific Research Has Shown That Cells Are Subject To Their Environment. The Cells Are Like “Miniature Humans” In That They Have Functions Similar To The Organs Of The Human Body Just On A Miniature Scale. The Human Body Is A Being Of Cells…Trillions Of Them. Cells Thrive In Environments That Are Supportive And Are Subject To Those That Are Harmful And Toxic. The Same Concept Applies To Humans And A Larger Scale. The Familiar Saying Misery Loves Company Is An Example Of An Environment To Avoid As It Is Threatening To Health And Wellness.


Mind-Body Meditation Is A Gentle Technique Used To Unwind The Subconscious Mind And Gently Release Stories That Have Been Buried In The Body And Replace The Old Stories With Positive And Healing Stories. Mind-Body Meditation Is A Tool To Help Identify Patterns (Or Addictive Behaviors) That Can Be Contributing To Health Conditions. Some Of The Important Ways Mind Body Meditation Might Be Able To Help You Is Addressing What Lies Beneath The Surface And Letting Go Of What No Longer Serves You By Using Metaphors And Creative Visualizations.

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