Airport Information

The Phoneix Sky-Harbor (PHX) airport is the main airport for flying into Scottsdale, AZ, and becoming at Brio-Medical.  The airport is approximately 15 minutes from Brio-Medical and all of the major airlines operate out of this location.  Some discount carriers, such as Southwest and Frontier also flight out of Sky Harbor.

Tickets and Itinerary

Most patients traveling by air to Scottsdale arrive at the Phoenix Sky-Harbor International airport (PHX). To confirm your clinic stay, please forward the confirmed flight itinerary to your Patient Advocate as soon as possible. We accommodate all arrivals and departures Monday through Friday. Please plan to arrive before 5 PM and depart after 11:30 AM.

Just Breathe

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to pause for a few deep breaths, and remember that you’re not alone! We’re here every step of the way, and we’re happy to answer and address all your questions and concerns. If you’ve followed all the steps we’ve outlined, we assure you that you’ve done everything in your power to ensure a smooth travel experience.