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Vibrational Therapy

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Sonix Vibrational Therapy in Scottsdale, Arizona

Sonix Whole Body Vibration machines use advanced sonic science to deliver precise waves of infrasound and super-low frequencies to the entire body via electromagnetic technology.

The principle of sonic vibration makes Sonix units the world’s first devices optimized for vertical vibration motion and resolves the problems with noise and component wear of other motorized technologies.

Designed for professional or home use, the PROFESSIONAL model has 12 Automatic Modes and a Manual Mode, with a weight capacity of up to 551 lbs.

Its Dual Mode Operation audio system allows the user to feel the selected vibration frequency as well as the sound from external sources at the same time. Audio jacks permit sound files and music input to the Sonix unit from MP3/iPod players, PCs, and frequency generators (e.g. for RIFE frequencies).

Sonix vibrational therapy in scottsdale, arizona

What is Sonix Vibrational Therapy?

Sonix Vibrational Therapy produces powerful sound frequencies and audio vibrations that help stimulate blood flow throughout the body while releasing toxins from muscles & joints so they can be flushed out through normal bodily functions.

What is PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field)?

PEMF devices are used worldwide to accelerate healing and reduce pain or discomfort. Only Sonix machines combine the power of PEMF with sonic vibration therapy. PEMF alkalizes the blood and improves blood flow while increasing oxygen uptake. Most good PEMF units start at $6000 and are about 1/40th the power of the Sonix.


Sonix vibration technology provides enjoyable sensations from the fantastic feeling of Sonic Waves passing through the body. The therapeutic sound frequencies are highly effective in providing both a full-body workout and intensive exercise for selected body parts while in an upright position. Frequencies (cycles per second) are user selectable from 3-70Hz with adjustable intensity.


Sonic wave exercise with user-selected frequency, intensity, and duration can increase maximum strength by over 30% when combined with an existing training program. Traditional exercise time can be reduced by up to 85%, and sonic vibration therapy can help to prevent injuries that may occur during weight training. A 10-minute Sonix exercise program can provide a highly effective workout.


Defined sonic wave exercises stimulate fine muscle as well as large muscles, including muscle groups and body areas that are not easily exercised in traditional programs for fast stretching and recovery from muscle fatigue. Sonic Wave therapy can stimulate the facial muscles, bone, and tissue cells, as well as the whole body to provide the most unique and thorough workout you’ve ever experienced.


Sonic Wave vibration technology makes highly effective exercises available without burdening joints or ligaments. In a small space, safe programs can be easily developed and utilized from children to seniors, by the healthy or those with limited mobility, and for the benefit of deconditioned and super athletes alike.


Depending on the user's physical condition and any medical or other considerations, the intensity and duration of a selected sonic vibration frequency can be finely controlled and customized for a self-paced movement program. It can be applied to a wide variety of desired outcomes in diverse fields including health and wellness, beauty, medical issues, general fitness and professional sports.

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