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Anita Kyle

bri·o - the quality of being active, alive, spirited, and vigorous

Emotional Intelligence/Perception Reframing Specialist

Anita Kyle is a certified biofeedback therapist experienced in the provision of holistic energy therapies which help to identify, target, and release emotional imbalances, perceptions, habits, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. She is a certified biofeedback therapist in Zyto EVOX Emotional Wellness (Zyto Inc); Recall Healing at ACIM (Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine); Certified in MicroCurrent Neurofeedback (Re-training the Brain) at (Iasis Technology). In her free time, she enjoys sports, fitness, travel, music, and dance. Anita has been married for 28 years to her wonderful firefighter husband and has two amazing sons.

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How my clients describe their first visit?

Most clients described the ability to see things in a whole new way as truly life-altering. Or as one man from London, England said after his first session, he was highly skeptical and did not want to do counseling. The next day the doctor asked him, "How was the EVOX session with Anita?" His response was "Ahh, that was EPIC! It was so awesome, I purchased a package of (6) for my wife & I!"

What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

After grieving the loss of my mother to Lupus at age 18, I was on a mission of finding my balance of Joy and Happiness again. I was fortunate to turn my Road Blocks into Stepping Stones and followed my passion and purpose- to assist disadvantaged individuals with physical, emotional, economic challenges (ie: Inner-city youth to earn college scholarships and also women/children who experienced trauma and abuse were forced to a shelter at Chicanos Por La Causa).

This path led me to work and partner with many talented Naturopath physicians who specializes in Cancer, Lyme Disease, Autism, CIRS (Mold), Hormones, Chronic Infectious Illness, and Dis-ease. Numerous studies have connected stress with lower immune function and later manifest illness.

I enjoyed the evidence-based approach of the Holistic energy balancing of Healing the Whole Body! I was fortunate to start my wellness career working alongside my partner and mentor internationally known Dr. W. Lee Cowden MD, MD(H). He gave me advanced training in Zyto Evox Emotional Wellness, Recall Healing, Emotion Code, Tapping, Muscle Testing, etc while working with a variety of individuals from all walks of life ( celebrities with childhood trauma, professional athletes with performance mental blocks, individuals with relationship challenges, people diagnosed with THE Cancer or Lyme, or youth on the Autism spectrum).

Utilizing Zyto EVOX Emotional Release Technology, Recall Healing, Tapping, Emotion Code, and other energy balancing therapies can effectively get to the Root Cause of the illness and Disease.

What is the experience like for someone who has never tried EVOX?

EVOX Emotional Intelligence scans are a Game-Changer! The mind-body connection is one where our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes affect our biological functioning. Here are some examples: If you feel frightened, your heart races. If you are suddenly embarrassed, you can blush.

When we live with emotional trauma, the body is in a constant state of heightened stress. This keeps our body’s nervous system in Sympathetic nervous system response, “fight or flight” emergency mode, alarm state.

You can not change what happens in your life, but you can change how you react and respond to it. The Parasympathetic nervous system has almost the exact opposite effect, relaxing the body's‘ rest and digest phase.

Perception is the way you feel, your thoughts your beliefs, they become your Reality, your un-truths!

The EVOX experience is a fast and effective way to reframe the perception so you have a new way of seeing it, therefore baggage may not trigger you the same. Getting the subconscious mind to surrender its roadblocks to healing is something Angel of Hearts Wellness can assist you with painlessly utilizing EVOX and Recall Healing Therapies.

Change Your Perceptions... Change Your Life! How does it work: Zyto Evox technology uses your voice to create visual maps of your perceptions about topics like Health~ Relationships~ Performance.. basically any aspect of your Life!

This is how it works: ZYTO technology measures the body's energetic responses to help determine the best wellness options for each person.
Similar to technology you'd find in a lie detector test, ZYTO technology establishes the body's baseline reading, 1) You start by putting your hand on the Zyto hand cradle you begin to speak about a person, topic, or event, 2) EVOX records 20-30 seconds voice clip, particularly the energy frequencies of your voice- (not the words you say). 3) That voice energy is then plotted into a Perception Index (PI) chart which gives you a visual image of your perception on that topic. 4) You will listen to healing music tones and possibly smell essential oils. 5) The appropriate missing frequency signatures are then fed back to the body, memories of past situations are often released from the subconscious. 6) You may have an "Ah-Ha moment, more compassion, be able to forgive, and Let it Go! (We can't change the past~ We get out of that "stuck" place and focus on the now, the present, the future!

Healing emotionally congested areas in our subconscious mind frees us to choose rather than just react. Knowing that you always can choose how to react is powerful! It can give your clarity which leads you to make empowered decisions.

EVOX is helpful when dealing with issues like:
Childhood Issues/Trauma
Toxic Relationships/Abuse
Grief and Loss
Negative Behavior/Obsessive Thoughts
Addictions/Weight Management
Inherited Beliefs
Self Image/Low Self Esteem
Emotional Imbalances
Performance (Athletic/Work/School)

You'll be AMAZED at the difference it can make in your Life!

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