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Dr. Lauren Rueda NMD (Preceptee)

bri·o - the quality of being active, alive, spirited, and vigorous

Dr. Lauren Rueda NMD (Preceptee)

Lauren rueda, nd candidate, preceptee

Dr. Lauren Rueda graduated with her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Sonoran University of Health Sciences after receiving her bachelor's in Biological Sciences from Arizona State University. Dr. Rueda’s extensive clinical training spans integrative pain management, mental health, and chronic conditions, showcasing her dedication to multifaceted patient-centered care. As a lead researcher at the Ric Scalzo Institute of Botanical Medicine, her work on botanical research emphasizes her commitment to evidence-based natural therapies. In her spare time, she loves volunteering at Naturopaths Without Borders to provide healthcare to impoverished communities.

Hi everyone - it is my pleasure to introduce myself as part of your care team! My clinical experiences have taught me the importance of listening—to both my patients and the subtle cues of the body. Each day, I strive to be a learner as much as a healer, believing that the journey towards health is one we take together.

Favorite conditions to treat:

  • Depression, anxiety, severe stress, emotional dysregulation
  • Physical pain
  • Muscle, nerve, joint, tendon/ligament injuries, painful scars
  • Metabolic & gastrointestinal concerns

Treatment options I offer:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine: acupuncture, cupping, Gua sha, Qi gong
  • Mind-body work: progressive muscle relaxation, body scans, guided meditations, holistic counseling, motivational interviewing, emotional freedom technique (tapping), various stress reduction techniques.
  • Homeopathic remedies: comprehensive approach to healing with minimal side effects.
  • Palpation or ultrasound-guided injections for pain, laxity, numbness/tinging, tight muscles, strains/sprains, arthritis: perineural, prolotherapy & scar therapy.
  • Physical therapy & mobility exercises
  • Botanical medicines: herbal preparations such as tinctures, teas and supplements

** Lauren Rueda is currently completing her preceptorship under Dr. Miranda LaBant at Brio-Medical.

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