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Dr. Walter Kim, MD

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Integrative Medicine Physician in Scottsdale, Arizona

I am not embarrassed but rather grateful beyond words to say I am a Cancer Survivor! Seems ironic but I am just like anyone where cancer seems to afflict without discrimination at increasingly alarming rates. I can say now that I know what it is like to go through the experience of having cancer: the fears, doubts, questions, and suffering that accompanies one, their family, and friends, who has to decide what treatments to commit to whether conventional, alternative or integrative. I have chosen the integrative approach. I believe I am cured and will do everything in my power to make sure it stays that way forever.

I am a fighter against cancer and will NEVER give up on my patients. Loma Linda University Medical School, post-graduate training in Internal Medicine, and Nuclear Medicine(PET scans, nuclear cardiology, etc) has helped give me an understanding from the diagnostic perspective.

My transition into cancer care was never intended but in retrospect, the seemingly "random" opportunity presented itself which I believe was a Godsend to allow me to find my true purpose in my healthcare career. I have experience in treating cancer patients for over 14 years in the integrative setting during which time my learning curve has been exponential and still continuing.

I am open-minded to all treatments and not against western conventional approaches. I support what treatments patients choose to pursue which runs the unlimited gamut of proposed "cures" but also like to educate patients on additional therapeutic approaches which I may support.

My niche now is to support patients who need US aftercare after receiving treatments from out of country centers, with close collaboration with their treating physicians, and also for patients who need care in the US who may not have established and continuous care with an oncologist

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What are your cancer treatment statistics/prognosis?

Answer: Too many variables to give an answer. The Bottom Line: it depends on finding the treatment(s) that work. If you respond well your prognosis is good/better/best. Finding that the most effective treatment is the priceless question to not only see improvement but also a potential for remission or cure. It should be noted that in reality patients come and seek help because their cancer is progressing rapidly and standard treatments have failed or stopped working, no other options are available except hospice or for patients who defer standard of care.

Variables that can determine your clinical outcome include but are not limited to:

  • Your general health status and current condition: clinical trials can give fairly reliable statistics but that is because they are in a controlled setting and enroll those who are relatively healthy.
  • Comorbid conditions that can limit treatment response such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver, and renal dysfunction, insomnia hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, stroke, emphysema, lifestyle risk factors, infections, anemia, cachexia or severe malnutrition, edema(ascites, pleural effusions, organ dysfunction, bleeding, hypoxia, electrolyte imbalances, uncontrolled inflammation, etc. These "fires" have to be addressed timely and effectively and put out or they will turn into firestorms. Even if cancer treatments work, addressing these conditions affects the overall outcomes.
  • I will be honest: I cannot guarantee a cure but I tell patients that as long as you are improving you are heading towards a cure. Sometimes it takes persistence in being open to finding other ways to treat, to find the treatment that WORKS! (refer to #1 above re: prognosis) . Don't give up!
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