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Pituitary Gland Tumor Treatment

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Holistic Treatment For Pituitary Gland Tumors in Scottsdale, AZ

The Pituitary Is An Endocrine Gland With Two Distinct Parts Called The Anterior And Posterior Lobes, Each Releasing Different Sets Of Hormones Important For Regulating Body Functions. The Anterior Lobe Controls Hormones Used For Functions Such As Growth, Skin Color, Reproduction, And Blood Pressure. Thus, Tumors Found Within This Section Of The Pituitary Gland Can Produce A Range Of Serious Disturbances.

Hormones Originating From The Posterior Pituitary Can Alter Water Reabsorption And Hydration, As Well As Maternal Actions Such As Uterine Contractions And Milk Production. Even Pituitary Gland Tumors Which Do Not Greatly Disturb Hormone Levels, Called Non-Functional Tumors, Can Cause Problems Such As Blindness If Allowed To Grow Large Enough To Overcrowd Nearby Nerves.

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Why Alternative Cancer Treatment?

Our treatment program is designed to stimulate your immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells in combination with natural, non-invasive, effective therapies that will take advantage of cancer cells' weaknesses.

Brio Medical's natural treatment approach offers patients a holistic way to heal the mind, body, and spirit, using proven non-toxic therapies to target cancer cells while providing essential immune system support. Whether you are searching for a natural cancer treatments plan, a way to rebuild your body after chemotherapy or radiation, an adjunct to traditional natural cancer treatments, or are looking to obtain optimal health to help prevent cancer, Brio Medical has an Intensive Integrative Oncology that will treat cancer naturally with non-toxic therapies.

Our alternative or integrative cancer therapies are much safer than traditional treatments, such as full-dose chemotherapy and radiation, because the body is exposed to much less toxicity.

Licensed physicians who hold themselves to the highest medical and ethical standards perform all treatments, including the intersection of conventional and alternative cancer treatments such as those we offer at Brio Medical.

A majority of the cancer patients that Brio Medical treats respond well to our therapies and report improvements in their prognosis. This includes a variety of cancer patients with all types and stages of cancer that we treat, as well as patients who have already undergone conventional oncology treatments such as surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy. 

Dependent on the state of the patient's health when they arrive at the clinic, the effectiveness can vary greatly, particularly based on how suppressed the patient's immune system may be from toxic treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. 

With decades of experience treating breast, prostate, lung, pancreatic, and all other types of cancers in all stages we can create a personalized treatment program based on clinical testing and your medical history. You can count on the expertise of our specialists in cancer at Brio-Medical

After signing up to speak with a patient care coordinator, you will schedule a consultation with a medical doctor to discuss the patient's medical history and the personalized treatment programs that Brio-Medical offers to help the patient reach their wellness goals. 

After your initial consultation, the doctor will work to give you the relaxing healing experience and the personalized treatment you need in conjunction with the beautiful and peaceful desert and scenic views in Scottsdale, Arizona. All types of cancer can be treated with our multi-disciplinary approach to healing metastatic cancer.

In conventional oncology, the concept of making the body less toxic, improving diet and nutrition, and regulating the immune system while treating the malignancy is still widely regarded as an unessential aspect of oncology treatment protocols. The belief that medication alone can and should reverse disease and cure a patient without consideration of the body’s own defense and recovery systems still dominates the medical mentality of conventional oncologists throughout the world of Western Medicine.

In standard oncology, there is no treatment that is not deleterious to the immune system or the overall host defense of the patient. In our concept, the foundation of any form of therapy should be the restoration of the biological capabilities of the host with a specific emphasis on the immune system.

Given chemotherapy to a patient who recently underwent surgery will only worsen their appetite, strength, and well-being, reducing defense systems and the chances of a successful outcome. In standard radiotherapy programs, statistics show that the higher the dose of radiation, the higher the tumoral response.

However, the same statistics prove that higher doses do not necessarily mean longer survival. This means that we must strike a balance between how aggressively we attack the tumor and how much support we give the body or at least how much assault our biological systems can endure. A healthy body with an intact defense system does not develop cancer. So, the mere fact that cancer is present denotes a failure, mutation, or biological change important enough to trigger such a diagnosis.

If we continue to follow the concept that the elimination of the tumor mass brings cure, we will continue to see the recurrence of cancer – which is one of the consistent outcomes of conventional oncology.

The fact is that when a breast tumor, for example, is removed we could still be far from solving the problem. So, the lump is not the disease – and that should be an important conclusion. By lengthening and enhancing tumor control through human immune/defense systems while remaining completely free of side effects over long periods of use, this is the most nature-similar way of controlling malignant growths.

The backbone of the Brio Medical cancer treatment protocol is awakening the immune system and reprogramming it to fight naturally. We want to strengthen your immune system by detoxing your body of heavy metals with chelation therapy, replenishing vitamin and mineral deficiencies with nutritional IV therapy, and a variety of other treatments to help jumpstart your body's immune system.

Dr. Nathan Goodyear, MD, MDH, ABAARM

Dr. Goodyear has practiced Integrative Medicine since 2006. Dr. Goodyear is a Fellow in Functional and Regenerative Medicine and served on the board of the American Functional Medicine Association.  Dr. Goodyear is licensed by the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Board in the State of Arizona.

Dr. Goodyear received his Bachelor of Arts from Louisiana Tech University and his Doctor of Medicine from LSU Health Sciences Center. He is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and served as the Chief Resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Tennessee.

Dr. Goodyear is a published author, Man Boob Nation–an Integrative medicine approach to low Testosterone published in 2014, and Total Testosterone Transformation published in 2017. Dr. Goodyear has spoken across the country on various topics in Wellness Medicine. Dr. Goodyear’s passion is to bridge the science of Wellness medicine to the clinical application of Wellness medicine to restore medicine to its original purpose of teaching the body how to heal—Docēre rāphè.

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Patient Resources

As you begin your journey to healing, it is natural to feel overwhelmed or anxious about your decision to receive treatment away from home. When you are ready, a patient care coordinator is awaiting your call to go over your treatment options and help you plan a trip to visit the Brio-Medical Cancer Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.  To help you start your journey, we have provided links to patient resources below to help guide you on how to become a patient.

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The greatest testimony to the benefits and results of the treatments at Brio comes from the inspiring stories told by actual patients and their families.

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You still have the option to choose the treatment that resonates with you.

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What do you need to bring to the clinic? What labs and reports do you need? Learn what you need to start you journey to healing.

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We have made special arrangements with hotels and accommodations which provide discounts to all Brio Medical patients.

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