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The greatest testimony to the benefits and results of the treatments offered at Brio-Medical comes from the inspiring stories told by actual patients and their families. From hopeless PET scans to Western Blot Tests indicating no positive bands, we can say that our research and dedication have made a difference in the lives of our patients. Don’t take our word for it, please take a moment to watch these amazing stories and know that we are always ready and eager to make a difference in your life or the life of a loved one who may be dealing with chronic illness.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Testimonial
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Alternative Colon Cancer Treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona
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Holistic Treatment for Anal Cancer Treatment Testimonial
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Holistic Breast Cancer Treatment Center in Arizona
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Alternative Cancer Treatments for Colon Cancer in Scottsdale, Arizona
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Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment in Arizona Testimonial
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Holistic Breast Cancer Treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona
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Jennifer Arruda

Finding Brio was an answer to prayer and I’m so glad I went. I believe it’s really helped me along in my cancer healing journey. They opened my understanding to whole new aspect of healing in regards to our electrical system and how it can make or break us. The owners passion and love for people really came out in our daily interactions. They have the latest technology for alternative cancer treatment, and the combination of their many state-of-art cancer therapies makes Brio powerful cancer killing clinic.

Shawn Gibson

Positive. It was so refreshing to receive such joyful care in relaxed confidence while in the midst of a very trying, stressful season of life.

I saw Dr. Kollin for cancer prevention. In 2014 I had pain on the left side which occasionally radiated to my left breast. Ultrasound showed nothing but fibrous breasts. The origin of the pain could never be pinpointed. She had me apply a lotion to my torso daily. After a few months, I began to have eruptions under the left breast and increased the lotion applications as instructed. The eruptions progressed, the pain on the left side increased. After 4 months the eruptions stopped and the skin healed. The pain on the left side is gone. Follow up u/s has shown that the breasts are no longer fibrous. Incidentally, they are no longer tender when menstruating. I am so thankful for dr. Kollin. She listened and supported me. She is truly caring.

AB, Cancer Patient

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