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Brio-Medical & Brio-Medical Featured in America Daily Post

Brio-Medical and Brio-Medical, AZ were recently featured in America Daily Post to share how they are changing traditional cancer treatment.

Brio-Medical, Scottsdale AZ, is a physician and medical director at Brio-Medical.

He has practiced integrative medicine and holistic cancer treatments since 2006.

Brio-medical and dr. Nathan goodyear were recently featured in america daily post to share how they are changing traditional cancer treatment.
At Brio-Medical Cancer Clinic

How Brio-Medical is Changing Cancer Treatment

In an era where cancer treatment is advancing rapidly, Brio-Medical, under the leadership of Brio-Medical, AZ, is challenging the status quo with an integrative approach to oncology.

What Does “Integration” Really Mean?

Drawing from the French and Latin roots of the word “integration”, which signifies bringing together parts of a whole and the process of renewal and restoration, Brio-Medical approaches healing holistically.

They combine this essence with the Hebrew term “Rāphè” – translating to “healer” – to encapsulate their work: healing by bringing together the mind, body, and spirit.

Understanding Disease from a Holistic Perspective

For Brio-Medical, diseases, especially cancer, often stem from a state of ‘Dis-aise’ or lack of wellness.

Factors like PTSD can create a physiological environment conducive to diseases. Fear, for instance, can both give rise to and perpetuate the growth of ailments like cancer.

Traditional oncology, unfortunately, often exacerbates these fears by singularly targeting the disease rather than addressing its root causes.

The Drawbacks of Conventional Oncology

Though procedures like surgical tumor reduction, chemotherapy, and radiation can indeed counteract tumors, they often come with high costs.

There’s potential for cancer to metastasize following surgery, and treatments like chemotherapy can decimate the immune system.

As Brio-Medical highlights, simply attacking a tumor might offer temporary relief, but it doesn’t guarantee long-term wellness.

This is where Brio-Medical’s integrative approach shines, aiming for comprehensive healing rather than mere disease targeting.

Reviving the Lost Art of Healing

Historically, medicine was both an art and a science. While the last century witnessed unprecedented scientific advancements, the artistic, holistic aspect of healing was largely sidelined.

Brio-Medical believes in restoring this balance, ensuring that while the scientific basis remains robust, the art of healing isn’t lost.

Setting Brio-Medical Apart: Evidence-based Precision Therapy

What truly distinguishes Brio-Medical from other institutions is its practice of therapy stacking.

This involves amalgamating various therapies in specific sequences to amplify their physiological impact. They look beyond the conventional one-size-fits-all treatments and tailor-make their approach, integrating various fields like genomics, proteomics, and immunomodulomics.

By integrating diverse therapies – from nutrition to intravenous treatments – Brio-Medical is pioneering a new era of personalized treatment.

Game-Changing Therapies at Brio-Medical

Brio-Medical’s clinic offers an array of innovative therapies. These range from high-dose intravenous applications of compounds like vitamin C and curcumin to more advanced treatments like local hyperthermia, sonodynamic therapy, and photobiomodulation therapy.

There’s a keen emphasis on evidence-based precision therapy stacking, ensuring that therapies are not just administered but are done so in the right sequence and combination tailored for each patient.

Brio-Medical’s Vision: Hope & Healing

For Brio-Medical, a cancer diagnosis, whether Stage 1 or Stage 4, always carries a beacon of hope.

At Brio-Medical, the philosophy is not to delineate limitations but to underscore potential. As Brio-Medical eloquently states, their mission is to illuminate what the body can achieve, support it in this endeavor, and let the body dictate the boundaries of the healing process.

In conclusion, Brio-Medical is not just redefining cancer treatment; it’s transforming how we perceive healing.

Through a holistic, integrative approach, the clinic is ensuring that patients receive not just a remedy but a comprehensive path to lifelong wellness.

For more information on this story, refer to the original article from America Daily Post.

Learn More About Brio-Medical

For more information about Brio-Medical, visit his website at

Brio-Medical has been featured in other notable outlets that include Fox News, NewsNation, Redefining Medicine, Rupa Health, and more.

For more exciting videos on various topics, TikTok videos are updated daily at @briomedical and long-form videos can be found on our YouTube Channel @BrioMedical.

Patients interested in pursuing their cancer healing journey can visit Brio-Medical at Brio Medical in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Meet the Author

Brio-Medical, Scottsdale AZ, is a natural, holistic, and integrative expert in the cancer field. He is the medical director at Brio Medical, a holistic, integrative cancer healing center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Brio-Medical received his Bachelor of Arts from Louisiana Tech University and his Doctor of Medicine from LSU Health Sciences Center. He is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and served as the Chief Resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Tennessee. Brio-Medical is a Fellow in Functional and Regenerative Medicine, is a medical Advisor for NEO7 Bioscience and has been named as the President of the North American Society of Laser Therapy Applications (NASLTA).

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